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all growed up

The "real world" begins tomorrow. This is so weird...but exciting!

The summer flew by. When I went back to school in May all I wanted was for summer to be over. I definitely got my wish, FAST. Classes started and ended before I knew it, graduation came and went, my almost 3 weeks off...yep came and went. Well, Assistant Project Planner here I come!!!

On top of that, my 23rd birthday is a month and a week away...errrrr.


I woke up this morning and went into the bathroom...someone used my shower gel (to wash their hands with or something? i don't know) and it's sitting on the counter, open and some spilled out of it.
ok really?? why do people keep using my shit and making it completely obvious. if you want to use my stuff, ask and it's fine. but don't use without permission and then leave it out and make a mess with it!

so let's make a list so i can keep track of things i KNOW people used of mine
1. strawberry preserves (finished the huge jar)
2. ketchup (used about half)
3. bananas (about 4 of them)
4. salad dressing (i used it once, and the next time i went to use it, it was 3/4 gone)
5. my razor, yes my razor. someone decided it was a good idea to open one of those hair dye conditioner packets with it and left all of the pieces of the packaging in there...like i wasn't going to notice? "gee why isn't this shaving, oh because there are black piece of wrapping in it" douche bag
6. my shaving cream, i usually clean the container off after i use it every time, well last time i went to use it the shit was all over the place
7. my shower gel. today's incident

everyone has their own groceries & shower things so i don't know why mine are being used!!
i don't want to sound like a complainer, and maybe this is stupid, but i think it's so rude. i spend money on these things and let's face it, college kids don't have the most money to spend.

but whatever, i'm not letting it get to me, i'm just annoyed.
nothing can completely ruin my mood...CHICAGO TOMORROW!
For some reason, 2 weeks in a row I decided it was necessary to wake up at 5 am tuesday morning and drive back to Boston instead of going back monday night.
I think i like to torture myself.
and never mind being tired from lack of sleep, we watched "run silent, run deep" in history of motion pictures, what a snoozefest. i was excited to watch something with clark gable and it was an epic fail. i spaced out so bad that i didn't even know how he died in the end. oops spoiler.

soooo tired.

can't get off twatlight to actually do the homework i should do.
ooooh summer semester you are worthless.

random thoughts and/or venting as usual

So stressed!
Moving to a new apartment this weekend...and only a few days to do it.
I'm going to have to leave my room in shambles because I won't have enough time to get it the way I want it. I just want to get home now and do it, but I'm stuck in Boston until tomorrow afternoon. Grrr

I have to do homework and I reaaally don't want to do it. But the faster I get it done the faster I can sit online all night and play games/sit on twatlight/sit on ontd. Hmm...that's some motivation right there.

Also, I'm hungry and I should go grocery shopping, but I don't feel like it so that means i'll just end up eating a bunch of shit tonight.

Dinner then its back to work!
I am NOT dazzled. I just spilled my entire massive bowl of cinnamon toast crunch ALL OVER the kitchen floor!!! I don't know how it happened, I picked it up off the counter and turned around to head for the couch and it was like someone knocked it out of my hands. hahaha now that I think of it, it's pretty amusing.
It was sooo sticky from all of the sugar and cinnamon grr. All I wanted was a little snack and I was punished.

Sokol cookout in a few hours. I'm excited for vegetarian deliciousness!! (Oh, and to see Jess & Kevin because its been so long!)

May. 23rd, 2008

my eyes burn from my makeup remover

and someone keeps eating my fucking bananas!

other than that i am insanely amused with twatlight & ontd. i got back to my apartment at about 5 and i haven't stopped refreshing the pages since (it's 11:08pm)


You know what I hate?
Waking up at 6:30 for my 8 AM class...checking my mail at 7:20 to find that class is canceled. He couldn't have sent the email when I checked it first thing this morning?
COME ON! (Gob style)

Now I have to hang around until my field trip at 3:30. What an easy day...I guess it's not that bad after all.

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